7 terrifying Irish horror films available to watch right now

7 terrifying Irish horror films available to watch right now

THERE ARE a wealth of Irish horror films just waiting to make you jump out of your skin.

And with Halloween fast approaching, it could pay to be in the know about the best scary movies on the streaming service.

From killer zombies through to some seriously unsettling spiritual goings on, these are the seven best Irish horror films available to watch right now.

Each and every entry on this list is utterly terrifying and, of course, are best enjoyed with the lights turned off.

7. The Lodgers (2017)

Filmed in one of Ireland’s most notoriously haunted houses, Loftus Hall, director Brian O’Malley’s The Lodgers is an Irish gothic horror of the highest order.

It stars Charlotte Vega and Bill Milner as Rachel and Edward, twins living in a run-down mansion in 1920s rural Ireland. Trapped within the confines of the dilapidated estate because of a strange curse, the pair’s constrained existence comes under threat when an Irish soldier returns from the first World War with grave consequences for all concerned.


6. Rezort (2016)

Ireland’s very own Martin McCann stars in this high-concept zombie gorefest alongside Dougray Scott and Jessica De Gouw.

Jurassic Park by way of 28 Days Later, the film centres on 'The Rezort', a special kind of safari park that gives guests the chance to kill as many zombies as their heart desires in the name of entertainment. However, It’s not long before things start to go wrong…


5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Game of Thrones actor Michael McElhatton stars in this intelligent and quietly creepy thriller.

It centres father-and-son-run coroners Austin and Tommy Tilden (Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch) who find themselves immersed in an increasingly disturbing mystery while attempting to identify the body of a young woman. Full of gore and foreboding doom, this one will stay with you long after the credits roll.


4. Holidays (2016)

This horror anthology features eight different shorts from the likes of Kevin Smith and featuring actors like Buffy The Vampire Slayer's very own Seth Green.

Each short takes inspiration from a particular annual holiday and it is Irish filmmaker Gary Shore’s effort ‘St Patrick’s Day’ that’s of particular interest here. It’s probably best not to give too much away, though it’s likely to put you off snakes for life.


3. Cold Skin (2018)

Xavier Gens Cold Skin may be a French-Spanish production, but it definitely has an Irish feel thanks to the film’s protagonist.

David Oakes plays Friend, as an Irishman who journeys to a remote South Atlantic island to work as a meteorologist. The previous employee recently died from typhus, while the island’s only other inhabitant is the caretaker of the nearby lighthouse, Gruner (Ray Stevenson). He soon discovers, however, that they are not alone...


2. Nails (2017)

This international co-production between the UK and Ireland is a classic ghost story full of the kind of unsettling jump scares guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

Nails centres on Shauna Macdonald’s Dana, a track coach who winds up in hospital after a hit-and-run accident leaves her paralysed. She soon wakes to discover she is being haunted by a ghost in the hospital in what makes for a tense and suitably low-key premise.


1. Hostage to the Devil (2016)

Marty Stalker’s film may well be the scariest entry on this list, partly down to the fact it actually happened, for real. Or something like that.

A documentary of the decidedly spiritual variety, the film centres on Father Malachi Martin, an Irish Jesuit who has dedicated his life to battling the Devil in his various forms and through the power of Exorcism. Terrifying whether you consider yourself a believer or not.