Al Porter makes first public appearance following sexual misconduct allegations

Al Porter makes first public appearance following sexual misconduct allegations

THE COMEDIAN who has been accused of sexual harassment made his first public appearance at comedian Dave McSavage's show this week. 

25-year-old Al Porter was spotted in the audience of Mr McSavage's show in Dublin city centre, the first time he has been seen since allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour were made against him.

According to The Sun, Porter was watching the show from a box above the stage Mr McSavage was performing on.

Mr McSavage, having learnt that his fellow comedian was in attendance called out the former radio star, asking him had he learnt his lesson regarding his former behaviour.

Mr McSavage was heard telling the crowd "Al Porter is no Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey...

"We all have to explore our sexuality when we are young. How can we know a boundary until we’ve crossed it?"

Mr McSavage even pointed to Al while onstage and asked him "Have you learned your lesson Al?"to which Mr Porter stood up in the private box and mouthed 'Yes'.

Mr McSavage went on to say Mr Porter had been punished enough for his former indiscretions: "This guy is younger than my eldest child. I’m telling you, in this case the punishment should fit the crime and Al Porter has been punished enough."

The allegations lead Mr Porter to resign from his show on Today FM and his slot presenting Blind Date on TV3 cancelled.

In announcing his resignation in November, Porter said he had had been "unaware" of complaints or the impact of his conduct, saying: "I am truly sorry for any distress I may have caused in what I had regarded as light-hearted and good-natured circumstances."