Alleged Isis member Lisa Smith seeking to have charges dropped

Alleged Isis member Lisa Smith seeking to have charges dropped

A FORMER Irish Defence Forces soldier who is accused of being a member of terrorist group Islamic State and of funding terrorism will today seek to have the charges against her dropped.

Lisa Smith (39), from Co Louth, a former Air Corps soldier who had worked on the government jet, was arrested in Dublin airport in November 2019 when she returned from Turkey with her young daughter.

It is alleged that between 28 October 2015 and 1 December 2019, at a location outside of the State, she was a member of a terrorist group styling itself as the Islamic State.

She has also been accused of funding terrorism by sending €800 by Western Union money transfer to a named individual in 2015.

She has denied the charges against her.

The Special Criminal Court, where cases involving terrorism and organised crime offences are automatically held, was due to start her trial today, Tuesday 11 January, but instead an application from her lawyers to dismiss all charges against her will be held.

Ms Smith’s application to dismiss the charges is being made under a section of the Criminal Procedure Act 1967, arguing that there is not a sufficiently strong case to put her on trial.

If successful, the three judges of the court will dismiss the charges.

If unsuccessful, her trial will proceed in the non-jury court on Wednesday.

Her trial has been listed to last for 12 weeks.