Lisa Smith jailed for 15 months for membership of ISIS

Lisa Smith jailed for 15 months for membership of ISIS

LISA SMITH has been jailed for fifteen months for being a member of the terror group, ISIS.

The former Irish soldier was convicted of the charge earlier this year following what was described as a “novel and complex” trial before the non-jury Special Criminal Court.

At her sentence hearing a few weeks ago, her barrister had pleaded for the 40-year-old mother-of-one to be spared a custodial sentence.

However, while the judges did give her a significant discount on the back of the mitigating factors in her case, they felt they had to mark what she did with some time in prison.

Despite being convicted of a crime that could have seen her spend up to eight years in prison, Lisa Smith was allowed to remain on bail until today.  The 40 year old, who spent ten years in the Irish army before leaving on religious grounds after converting to Islam, was today jailed for fifteen months.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said today it was a serious matter for an Irish citizen and former defence forces member to take up allegiance to a foreign terrorist organisation.

The judge said Smith "followed rather than led" but knew precisely the nature of the organisation.

There is, the judge said, no doubt that Smith had a hard time in Syria before repatriation, but this was a foreseeable consequence of her actions.

Imposing a custodial sentence, the court felt it had to mark what she did with jail time, and the judges hoped it would also deter others from supporting dangerous organisations like ISIS.

Mr Justice Hunt said there was insufficient evidence to justify a fully suspended sentence and he also refused to allow her remain on bail until she appeals her sentence.