Amanda Knox is getting married - and she wants YOU to pay for it

Amanda Knox is getting married - and she wants YOU to pay for it

AMANDA KNOX is asking for donations to fund her wedding to boyfriend Christopher Robinson.

The American woman is most well-known for being convicted of the murder of her British housemate in Italy in 2007.

She served four years in prison before being acquitted of the murder. In 2014 the acquittal was overturned and she was re-convicted, until a year later when the Italian Supreme Court definitively acquitted her of any involvement.

Putting it lightly, Knox has had a rough few years. Now aged 32, she is back in the spotlight, this time for something decidedly less momentous.

Knox is due to marry her boyfriend, Christopher Robinson, in 2020, and has taken to asking people to fund the wedding by donating via her website.

The couple state that they used up their savings to send Knox to Italy for the first time since her acquittal, in order to speak at the Italy Innocence Project, meaning funds were tight for the big day.

The donation page for the space-themed wedding claims they “don’t need any more stuff,” instead hoping for money to put on “the best party ever for our family and friends”.

A timer counts down to the day, and there are donation packages her fans can choose from which range from 25 to 10,000 dollars. The most expensive donations are rewarded with a gift from the new couple—a shout-out during a Madonna or Beastie Boys song, or a “message from the future” (We’re still working out what that means). Every donor will receive a signed copy of the couple’s book of love poems.

The feedback for Knox and Robinson’s odd form of a registry ranged from mocking the couple to straight-up outrage—which Knox was quick to respond to on Twitter.

She stated: “To those hating on us all day, you've been duped by the outrage machine. You gave ad $ to tabloids that profit by making you angry about things that don't matter. Our wedding will be crazy & fun & barebones if it needs to be, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.”

She is using her platform to raise awareness of wrongful convictions via a Podcast series, The Truth About True Crime with Amanda Knox, and she’s right that there are a lot more important things in life to be angry about.

It is a bit cringey though.