An Post to offer free postage to and from nursing homes during pandemic

An Post to offer free postage to and from nursing homes during pandemic

AN POST has pledged to allow free postage to and from nursing and care homes.

The promise comes ahead of the tightening of restrictions on movement across Ireland.

Nursing and care homes will likely be in strict lockdown under the new measures with all visits prohibited.

In an effort to support those living in care through the pandemic, An Post will deliver any cards or letters posted to or sent by residents completely free of charge.

Senders need to simply write “Freepost” in capital letters on their envelope in place of a stamp. There is a 2kg weigh limit on any post sent.

According to a statement from An Post, the decision was made in recognition of “the increasing restrictions across the country” and in hopes they can “bring a little joy” to those living in care.

The new initiative is part of the An Post’s Community Focus plan, which has been extended into 2021.

One of the unsung heroes of the pandemic, An Post delivery teams have been making regular trips to check in with older or vulnerable customers along their routes during the pandemic.

They have also organised newspaper deliveries and other postage pickups for those cocooning through the crisis.

An Post also provided assistance with grocery and medicine deliveries during the worst of the pandemic.

Managing Director of An Post Retail Debbie Byrne said it is crucial that support is given to communities across Ireland during these unprecedented times.

While people remain apart, she hopes An Post can help them stay connected and feel a little less isolated.

"It’s never been easier to send a little note or card to those who need a little cheer at this time", she added.