Bob Geldof cut off for swearing during live Sky News interview

Bob Geldof cut off for swearing during live Sky News interview

BOB Geldof was cut off during an interview on Sky News after cursing live on air, when responding to criticism over the re-recording of Do They Know It’s Christmas? for Ebola victims.

The Band Aid 30 co-organiser was speaking to Sky News presenter Jayne Secker on Monday about reports that Adele had ‘ignored’ his request for her to feature in the charity song.

He said: "There is no snub. I am only aware of this this morning, it's nonsense. Complete nonsense."

"I didn't call Adele at all because I don't have her number.”

Stars including One Direction, Bono, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin were in London on Saturday to record the single that aims to raise millions for the Ebola crisis in West Africa.


The presenter proceeded to get his opinion on the negative reaction to the single.

She said: “A lot of people are saying, ‘look at a lot of people in that room, a lot of wealthy people.  If they all paid their taxes in the right way we wouldn't need these kind of fundraising singles."

Geldof replied: "I think they're talking bollocks."

"Pretty colourful language,” she responded.  “If you could not use any more we'd appreciate it."

The presenter then asked him to respond to a piece written by journalist Ian Burrell, who founded the Africa Express project, and asked him to respond without the use of colourful language.

She quoted: “This trite song will raise a comparative pittance, ignores Africans, and has a logo implying the virus struck the entire continent, patronising and perpetuating myths again.  Band Aid should have learned its lessons and stayed silent."

The new recording is the fourth version of the Band Aid single and is on track to secure the Christmas number one spot in the singles charts.


Geldof addressed the stars involved, claiming: “Today you join Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd and all those other people who at one time have done something for Band Aid.”