British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly adopt resolution calling for ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ in Gaza

British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly adopt resolution calling for ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ in Gaza

THE British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA) has unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ in the Gaza conflict.

Parliamentarians from Britain and Ireland are in Wicklow this week for the 66th BIPA meeting which began yesterday afternoon (April 15).

The event, which concludes today, features British BIPA Co-Chair, Dame Karen Bradley as well as newly appointed Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Simon Harris along with Irish BIPA Co-Chair Brendan Smith.

British Co-Chair and head of the UK parliament delegation, Dame Karen Bradley with Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Simon Harris and Irish BIPA Co-Chair Brendan Smith at the 66th BIPA plenary in Wicklow

During talks yesterday, the group adopted the Gaza resolution, which states that “this Assembly calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza leading to a lasting sustainable ceasefire, for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, for a massive and sustained surge in humanitarian aid into Gaza to respond to the catastrophic humanitarian situation; and urge all parties to comply with their obligations under international law”.

At today’s session a report on policy responses of the BIPA jurisdictions to energy challenges has been released.

Delegates attending the two-day BIPA convention which brings together politicians from legislatures across the UK and Ireland, and the Crown Dependencies

The document, which has been compiled by BIPA’s Economic Affairs Committee, recommends that all governments across the UK and Ireland should make “clear plans for developing their energy grids for the renewable transition, and ensure their planning systems can cope with rapid grid expansion”.

“One of the most pressing challenges facing the UK and Ireland is ensuring that the electricity grid is ready to serve the market by accommodating new sources of renewable electricity generation,” Committee Chairperson, Deputy Brendan Howlin TD said.

Taoiseach Simon Harris addresses those gathered at the event held at the Druid's Glen Hotel in Co Wicklow

“It is clear that grid capacity across BIPA jurisdictions needs to be significantly strengthened in order to make use of the planned expansion in renewable electricity generation,” he added.

“This will require careful long-term planning and major investment, and coordination to ensure that the grid is able to support new generation.”

The two-day convention, which is being held at the Druid’s Glen Hotel, brings together politicians from the UK parliament, the Oireachtas, the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Parliament, the Senedd and the crown dependencies.