Bryan Cranston ‘itching’ to visit Ireland and explore his family’s Armagh roots

Bryan Cranston ‘itching’ to visit Ireland and explore his family’s Armagh roots

BRYAN CRANSTON has spoken of his yearning to return to Ireland and explore his family’s roots in Armagh. 

The Breaking Bad actor opened up about his Irish roots during an appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show. 

Cranston told host Ryan Tubridy he is “itching” to come back to Ireland and explore his family’s links to the Emerald Isle. 

Bryan told of his links to Ireland and his excitement to get back to his roots. 

He said: "I've got to come back to Ireland. I haven't been in several years and I've never been to where my people come from in Armagh. I've got to go up there. 

"I know when I watched the Ferryman, the play in London, 'I thought, 'That's where my people are from'. 

"I have to go see what that was like. I can't wait. 

"My great great great grandparents came from Armagh and so I'm just itching to go there and to just soak up the energy and meet the people and be in the culture and get some sense of where my roots started." 

He also discussed the impact Breaking Bad has had on his career and why he doesn’t envision ever reprising the role of Walter White. 

Of Breaking Bad, he said : "I was [happy with the ending]. A very fulfilling beginning, middle and end. 

"I'm grateful for the ride. It changed my life, it changed my career. I'm very unfortunate." 

The interview also saw the actor, who is also known to many for playing Hal on the hit series Malcolm in the Middle, discuss the trappings of fame. 

He said: "Celebrity is a strange beast. No acting class taught you how to be a celebrity. 

"Along with celebrity comes tremendous opportunity so I would not trade it in. 

"There's a learning curve to it. You lose a sense of privacy, anonymity, there's a lot you have to attend and that's tiring. 

"It's not a complaint, it's just an observation. I have great opportunity and I'm appreciative of it." 

Cranston was speaking ahead of the debut of his new TV series, Your Honor, in the UK and Ireland.