Colin Farrell took a DNA test to find out how Irish he is

Colin Farrell took a DNA test to find out how Irish he is

COLIN FARRELL has revealed he took a DNA test to find out just how Irish he really is.

The In Bruges actor made the revelation during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Farrell may be a dab hand at an English accent, as Woody Allen's ill-fated cockney crime drama Cassandra's Dream previously demonstrated, but his DNA test revealed him to be unmistakably Irish.

According to the actor himself, the results showed he is "approximately 98.7% Irish, and 1.3% central European."

The Dublin actor has been the talk of the internet in recent days after photos were leaked of him dressed as The Penguin for Matt Reeves’ upcoming comic book movie The Batman.

Speaking to Kimmel during his appearance on the US talk show, Farrell revealed he is busy preparing for the DC Comics adaptation.

It’s a situation which he said means he has had no time to visit his favourite Dublin kebab restaurant, Abrakebabra.

Last time Farrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live he revealed he was the proud owner of an Abrakebabra black card which apparently entitled him to VIP treatment at the takeaway.

Unfortunately, his busy schedule has meant he has so far been unable to visit the restaurant.

The Batman could prove to be the Irish actor’s last turn as a bad guy telling Kimmel his “kids are tired of me being a villain, they are a bit embarrassed by it"