A completely Irish version of 'Shrek' will air on TV on Christmas Day

A completely Irish version of 'Shrek' will air on TV on Christmas Day


We are absolutely buzzing today with the news that Dreamworks' box office smash Shrek will air on Irish television this Christmas Day-- but with a twist.

Shrek, Donkey and Fiona won't be adventuring in the land of Far, Far Away-- this time, it will be in Fadó Fadó, as the entire film will be broadcast in the Irish language.

TG4 will air the beloved children's film at 7.30pm on Christmas Day, the perfect time to settle down after the big feed, and this is sure to be an interesting watch.

Even those without a good grasp of Gaeilge should be able to enjoy this one, as a lot of people know the film practically off by heart due to the abundance of iconic lines.


(Is maith liom an bolláin sin. Is é an bolláin sin an-deas!)

shrek donkey GIF

Cúla 4 have released a few teaser clips of what to expect-- and we're happy to report that they have indeed managed to keep Shrek's iconic Scottish accent. He just wouldn't be the same otherwise.

This means that Irish twitter's Trending Topics on Christmas Day will be something like 'Christmas' 'Dinner' 'Brexit' 'Mass' and 'Shrek'. And we cannot wait.