Conservative MP calls Ireland's women's team singing Celtic Symphony a 'low point' for UK

Conservative MP calls Ireland's women's team singing Celtic Symphony a 'low point' for UK

A CONSERVATIVE MP has raised the recent incident of the Irish women's football team singing a pro-IRA chant in Prime Minister's Questions today.

John Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay, said the footage of the team singing Celtic Symphony by the Wolfe Tones after they qualified for the World Cup was a "low point" for the UK.

Following the incident, the Football Association of Ireland, the team's manager Vera Pauw and some of the players apologised for the incident.

"Mr Speaker, there's been a number of low points recently, including the Republic of Ireland's football team singing pro-IRA songs in the changing room," he said.

"We should never forget the sacrifice of those who paid the price to maintain the peace in the Troubles."

He then went on to raise the issue of spending an inflation in the UK, saying:

"Closer to home, recent events meant that spending is going to be more constrained than originally thought.

"May I encourage the prime minister to ensure that we retain compassion in politics and these decisions, including maintaining the link between benefits and inflation?"

Footage also emerged this week of a large group of people singing Celtic Symphony in terminal one of Dublin Airport, however it is unknown if the footage is recent.

Speaking to the Irish Post, Brian Warfield of the Wolfe tones - and the composer of the song - sad he is incensed by the controversy.

"We Irish have always sung songs about our heroes. We are entitled to do that. And I think it was disgraceful that the FAI didn’t provide these ladies with a PR person who could have handled all the negative questions instead of throwing them to the wolves.”

He said, “It was disgusting that the FAI and women's team manager Vera Pauw apologised on television. I couldn’t believe it.”

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