Heroic woman risks life and limb to rescues dog from Cork river

Heroic woman risks life and limb to rescues dog from Cork river

THE IRISH are notorious animal lovers.

They would do anything for their beloved pets, including diving head first into one of Ireland’s most treacherous waterways as part of an audacious rescue attempt.

Or at least that’s what one woman in Cork did after her beloved pet pooch got stuck in the city’s River Lee at Horgan’s Quay.

With the dog struggling to stay above the water, the unnamed owner put her own safety to one side in order to offer assistance.

Onlookers spotted her entering the river in an attempt to rescue the dog.

The emergency services were also alerted and arrived on the scene soon after.

They found the woman, clinging to her beloved pet.

Both parties were said to be exhausted following the incident but otherwise unharmed.

The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance where she was checked over while her dog was wrapped in blankets transported to Ballyvolane Fire Station.

Thankfully both made a full recovery and are now happily reunited.

Cork Fire Brigade shared images of the incident on Twitter.

“Green watch firefighters attended a River Rescue this evening at Horgan’s Quay in the City Centre,” they wrote alongside pictures from the scene.

“Swift Water Rescue Technicians entered the water to aid this Gorgeous Bernese mountain dog and his owner to safety.”

A heroic effort all around. Well done to one and all.