Covid-19 restrictions forces popular Temple Bar restaurant to close after 25 years in business

Covid-19 restrictions forces popular Temple Bar restaurant to close after 25 years in business

THE CONSEQUENCES of the Covid-19 pandemic are being felt by businesses across Ireland, and one Dublin restaurant is the newest casualty.

With 3,500 'wet pubs' still closed almost six months after public health measures were introduced to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, permanent closures are, tragically, imminent-- but even the businesses which have been allowed to reopen are finding it difficult to cope.

Restaurants, cafés and pubs which can serve a €9 meal have been opened with limited capacity since 29 June, but their three-month closures and restrictions on the time and amount of customers they can serve means many are losing money.

One such restaurant, Temple Bar's Shack, yesterday announced they would be closing their doors following the "turbulence" of the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular restaurant was sadly unable to survive the "turbulence" of the coronavirus pandemic (The Shack Restaurant / Facebook)

Taking to social media yesterday with an emotional post, owner David Ellis admitted it had become "financially impossible" for the restaurant to remain open.

Addressing his loyal customers, Mr Ellis said "With a broken heart and deep regret, I have to let you know that my wonderful restaurant of 25 years has not survived the turbulence of Covid-19".

"I find myself having to close temporarily as trading has become impractical and financially impossible to remain open," he added.

"From the depths of despair, I want to thank all of my staff, most of whom have been with me for over 20 years. They really wanted the restaurant to remain open.

Mr Ellis went on to thank the restaurant's suppliers, some of whom "have supplied us from day one all those years ago".

"Most importantly," he continued in the emotional statement, "I want to thank all the people who visited us over those many years, for without your support, we would have never got to this point."

I don't have any other words. Thank You to all concerned.

Posted by The Shack Restaurant on Tuesday, 1 September 2020

"Maybe one day in the not so distant future Covid-19 will be a part of history and The Shack Restaurant may be able to open once more, but that outlook today looks bleak.

"May I take this time to wish you all safety and health and happiness."

The closure is a huge loss to the city and to the locals and tourists who have frequented the restaurant for a quarter of a century, and Mr Ellis received messages of support from both former customers and those who had planned to visit.

One American woman sent her condolences to the restaurant, stating "I loved watching that little corner of the world via EarthCam and would watch the people come and go. I could sometimes hear seagulls and would sometimes think how fun it would be there.

The Shack Restaurant is visible on Temple Bar's EarthCam, and staff often greeted those watching from across the globe (The Shack Restaurant)

"My cousins and I actually planned on visiting Dublin this fall, but of course that had to be put on hold. I told my one cousin I want to go tot eh Shack Restaurant when we are able to travel.

"I hope it works out and that this is only temporary for you."