Daniel O’Donnell hits back at negative reaction to his Donegal home’s transformation on Irish TV

Daniel O’Donnell hits back at negative reaction to his Donegal home’s transformation on Irish TV

DANIEL O’Donnell has said he was shocked that people assumed he was getting his house renovated for “free” on hit show Room to Improve.

News broke last week that O’Donnell and wife Majella are set to have cameras rolling inside their Donegal home this autumn as builders transform the property for the RTÉ One programme.

The singer said he was stunned by some social media users who asked why the show wasn’t renovating the home of someone less well off.

Speaking at RTÉ’s new season launch, Daniel explained that the budget for the transformation is coming out of his own pocket, despite assumptions to the contrary.

“I can’t believe people think that this is free,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I mean I don’t look at social media but over the weekend when it came out we were doing the show, people started writing, why are they getting a house built for them?”

The 55-year-old is reportedly worth over €30million but said his Dungloe home is very “ordinary” and in need of some TLC.

“We have a very nice house that’s not very old but there were a few things that needed attention,” Daniel explained.

“We have a sitting room that we never use and Majella is always saying that’s an awful waste.

“We have a kitchen that’s lovely but not bright, we always have a light on. The word Dermot (Bannon) kept using was that it’s very ordinary, of course we think it’s gorgeous.”

The O’Donnells are working with Room To Improve architect Dermot Bannon and have told him that they want the work "to be in the budget that we gave him".

Daniel added: “I just think that we will have a great house afterwards.

“I think that the very fact of it being on television we’ll end up getting terrific workmanship and Dermot will want to be better than he’s ever been before, as if he can be better?

“I was nervous when I seeing the plans, it’s a much bigger job he’s proposing to do than I expected.”

In other Daniel O’Donnell related news, the singer is set to perform in aid of victims of recent flooding in northwest Ireland after he organised ‘Flood Aid for Inishowen’ – a benefit concert in Donegal this Sunday.

Other performers including Nathan Carter, Johnny Brady and Declan Nearney will perform at the gig after offering their services free of charge – with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.