Doctor says Ireland 'weeks away from second wave' after witnessing ‘rammed’ Dublin city centre

Doctor says Ireland 'weeks away from second wave' after witnessing ‘rammed’ Dublin city centre

THE BUSY scenes witnessed in Dublin’s city centre have prompted one doctor to predict Ireland is “weeks away from a second wave” of coronavirus. 

There has been widespread unease online after footage surfaced showing crowds of people outside bustling bars and pubs in the Irish capital this past Saturday. 

A video fimed by Newstalk reporter Barry Whyte on Dame Lane has many questioning whether the public are sticking to the recommendations. 

Whyte wrote alongside the video: "Gardai walking around the streets in Dublin City Centre to make sure pubs are not breaking the guidelines on social distancing, serving food or time limits etc. Yet this is allowed on Dame Lane…." 

The video has sparked fresh concerns over a potential second spike in cases of Covid-19. 

One man predicting a rise in cases is Dr Maitiu O Tuathail, who saw the unfolding chaos for himself. 

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Brendan O’Connor show, he described he scenes witnessed as “profoundly upsetting” given the sacrifices made by so many already. 

Dr O Tuathail drove through Dublin's city centre on Saturday night and describing something akin to a “festival atmosphere” with the city "absolutely rammed" with people. 

Angry at what he view as a "slap in the face to those who’ve broken their backs to keep the country working", the doctor offered a grave prediction for the future. 

"After last night, I really think we’re weeks away from a second wave," Dr O Tuathail said. 

His concerns were echoed by outgoing Health Minister Simon Harris, who took to Twitter to appeal for more “common sense” when it came to returning to pubs and restaurants. 

“C’mon everyone,” he wrote. 

“We’ve come too far to go back. Great to see our economy reopened & social life resuming but let’s keep using our cop on & common sense.  

“We owe it to each other, to those families who have lost loved ones, to the local business we want to keep open & to our kids.”