Donald Trump’s approval rating sinks to all-time low putting him among least popular presidents of all time

Donald Trump’s approval rating sinks to all-time low putting him among least popular presidents of all time

DONALD TRUMP is on course to leave the White House as one of the least popular presidents in US history according to the latest opinion poll numbers. 

Pew Research poll data has revealed Trump’s approval rating has slumped to an all-time low of 29% - nine points lower than it wain August 2020. 

It also marks a sharp drop on Trump’s approval ratings throughout his four years in office, which have ranged from the high 30s to the high 40s throughout. 

Trump’s support among members of the Republican party has slumped significantly with just 60% of party members polled rating his job performance in positive terms. 

By comparison, back in August, that figure was set at 77%. 


The US Capitol riots in which five people died are thought to have been a key contributor to the sharp decline in Trump’s approval rating with the US public. 

His refusal to concede defeat to Joe Biden in last year’s US elections have also been a factor, with Trump opting to instead peddle a series of baseless claims about vote rigging and electoral fraud. 

Trump has refused to accept any responsibility for the riots. 

That’s despite the fact he gave a speech to the large crowd of supporters who gathered in Washington DC in the hours before Biden’s victory was due to be confirmed, telling them to “fight”. 

Days later, the President claimed the speech he made prior to the unrest was “totally appropriate”. 

However, data from the Pew Research poll showed more than half of Americans (52%) thought Trump bore “a lot” of responsibility for the riot, with 23% saying he bore “some” responsibility. 

Donald Trump

The poll also found 54% of Americans believe Trump should be removed from office while 45% think President Trump should see out his term. 

More concerning for Trump, the Pew opinion poll found just 29% of Americans wanted to see Trump remain a major figure in US politics with 68% calling for him to retire. 

In any case, Trump is on course to follow in the footsteps of Presidents like George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon in leaving office with a significant majority of the public disapproving of their time in office. 

Trump’s approval rating of 29% is not that far off Nixon’s final tally of 24% which followed his resignation in the wake of the Watergate scandal. 

The Pew Research Center poll data tallies with others of its kind, 

An ABC News-Washington Post put Trump's approval rating at 38%. while Quinnipiac calculated 33% approved and Reuters found 35% approved of Trump's performance.