Dublin Grandfather wins €200,000 after daughter bought him scratchcard for Father’s Day

Dublin Grandfather wins €200,000 after daughter bought him scratchcard for Father’s Day

A GRANDAD in Dublin received the Father’s Day gift of a lifetime after bagging €200,000 from a scratchcard his daughter had bought for him yesterday.

The lucky winner from Tallaght was given a €10 All Cash Spectacular scratchcard which was bought from Dunnes Stores in Kilnamanagh shopping centre in Dublin.

The grandfather, who wishes to remain private, expressed his disbelief at his remarkable win while sitting in the National Lottery winners’ room on Monday morning.

“It’s not a bad gift to get for Father’s Day is it?” He laughed.

A €10 All Cash Spectacular scratch card - like the one this grandad won €200,000 with yesterday

He insisted that he was already having a fabulous time yesterday and that the winning scratchcard made his “jaw nearly hit the floor”.

“I was already a wonderful day,” he said. “I was surrounded by my adult children and all of my grandkids so I really couldn’t have been happier.

“Little did we know what would come next! I opened my Father’s Day cards and a couple of them had a scratch card in them so I eventually scratched them and my jaw nearly hit the floor when the €200,000 appeared in it.

“I was absolutely stunned into silence and everybody in the house starting asking me if I was okay.

“As soon as they realised what we had won, there was absolute pandemonium. It was such a fantastic feeling, winning a sum of money like that when I was already surrounded by family.

“It’ll be something that I will treasure forever.”

Dunnes Stores, Kilnamanagh

The ecstatic grandpa says he wants to spend his winnings on his family, saying he plans on putting money aside for deposits on houses.

His only plans to spend money on himself is to buy a campervan so he can travel around Ireland with his grandchildren.

“We’ve put a lot of thought about what we want to do with the money and we’ve decided to split the prize between the family,” he added.

“It genuinely means a lot more that we can share this win with all of our adult children who will put money aside for deposits for houses and whatnot.

“I have only asked for one thing from my win and that is for a nice campervan so I can travel the country with my grandchildren as often as I can.”

What a lovely man! (He doesn’t need a spare son by any chance does he?)