Dublin property occupied by housing activists raided and secured by balaclava-clad gardaí

Dublin property occupied by housing activists raided and secured by balaclava-clad gardaí

A vacant Dublin property which was occupied by activists in recent weeks has been seized by masked men.

The property on North Frederick Street in Dublin city centre had been occupied by housing activists for the past three weeks.

Shortly before 7pm last night, several men in black balaclavas used a sledgehammer to enter the house and remove the group of activists from the Take Back The City group.


They were accompanied by gardai from the public order unit who arrested five people and took them to Store Street Garda Station.

There are reports that at least one person has been taken to hospital.

A group of protesters who arrived at the scene shortly after word spread were blocked from accessing the building by the masked men.

A Garda spokesman confirmed the individuals were arrested on public order offences

The order was issued on 28 August, when the High Court ordered that all persons occupying the house vacated it by 2pm the following day.

By 8pm last night, the property was boarded up.


Around 100 activists subsequently stood outside the building to chant in protest at the eviction, before marching down O’Connell Street towards Store Street Garda Station.

Traffic was brought to a standstill as the crowd marched through that section of the city centre, turning from O’Connell Street onto Abbey Street.

As the crowd arrived at Store Street station, activists began being released from custody.

Two people are due in court next month while another two of those arrested received adult cautions while the fifth was released without charge.


There was a huge backlash on social media after videos emerged of the incident.