Eamonn Holmes reveals plans to 'visit the suicide clinic' if he develops dementia

Eamonn Holmes reveals plans to 'visit the suicide clinic' if he develops dementia

IRISH TV presenter Eamonn Holmes has revealed his wish to visit a suicide clinic and "press the red button" if he ever develops dementia.

Eamonn, 58, explained that he had watched too many family members battle the degenerative condition and would rather die than "lose my dignity".

He also revealed he had lost 30 percent of his hearing by the time he turned 50, which doctors told him increases his chances of developing dementia.

"It's what everyone dreads. It's a long, lonely walk - one I would never want to go on," Eamonn told the Daily Mirror.

"I genuinely say to all my children and my wife, 'Take me to a suicide clinic and press the red button'. That's what I want.

"I have no desire to lose my dignity. I just don't want that to happen to me".

He added: "However controversial that may sound, that is my genuine wish."

'Change the law'

Belfast native Eamonn shares a son, Jack, 16, with his wife and co-host Ruth Langsford, as well as three older children from his first marriage.

"Ruth puts her fingers in her ears when I talk about it," he said.

"Would they ever carry out my wish? I don't know. But they know it's what I would want."

Eamonn revealed that two of his uncles, his paternal grandfather and his aunt Phyllis - who died last year - had all passed away after battling dementia, along with Ruth's dad Dennis.

The Irishman called on the British Government to scrap the ban on assisted dying.

"You watch them deteriorate - I watched my aunt for 10 years," he said. "The law in the UK should be changed to allow for assisted suicide. I don't understand this country. The constant excuse not to let people die as they want.

"The questions asked are to protect the few: 'What about the weak?' 'What about the vulnerable?'

"What about the rest of us? Everyone has the right to live as they like, but when it comes to death we put restrictions on that.

"If you have at least two doctors who agree with the diagnosis, it should be your choice."