Family of baby girl killed by nursery nurse can ‘never forgive callousness of her actions’

Family of baby girl killed by nursery nurse can ‘never forgive callousness of her actions’

THE family of a baby girl who was killed while at a nursery in greater Manchester have spoken out after a nursery nurse was found guilty of her manslaughter.

Genevieve Meehan was just nine months when she died in hospital after an incident occurred at the Tiny Toes nursery on Mellor Road in Cheadle on May 9, 2022.

Following a four-week trial at Manchester Crown Court, nursery nurse Kate Roughley was found guilty of Genevieve’s manslaughter by way of ill-treatment yesterday afternoon.

Genevieve Meehan died after being strapped face down to a beanbag for 97 minutes

The court heard that little Genevieve was found unresponsive and blue after being strapped face down onto a beanbag for 97 minutes by Roughley, who was a deputy manager at the nursery.

Roughley, of Heaton Norris, denied manslaughter, but a jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict after watching CCTV footage that showed her “rough handling” the baby and ignoring her cries of distress while strapped to the beanbag.

The footage also recorded Roughley calling Genevieve a “stress head" and telling her to “go home” before adding “do you have to be so loud and constant? Change the record".

Speaking after Roughley's conviction, Genevieve’s father John Meehan said: “We will never forgive the callousness of Kate Roughley’s actions.

“She was entrusted with the care of our daughter, yet she put her own convenience and selfish interests above Genevieve’s life.

“She treated our daughter with cruelty and contempt.”

He added: “Knowing what she had done she could have taken responsibility and saved our family from enduring the horror of this trial.

“However, such a basic act of decency was beyond her.

“Instead she has lied and lied and lied throughout, and sought to deflect attention to anyone but herself.

“She has shown no remorse for Genevieve’s death. Her expressions of sorrow during the trial were as insincere as they were insulting.”

Roughley is due to be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court tomorrow.