Funeral services in Ireland limited to no more than 10 people

Funeral services in Ireland limited to no more than 10 people

FUNERAL SERVICES in Ireland are to be limited to no more than 10 people. 

Speaking at a press conference, Department of Taoiseach assistant secretary-general Elizabeth Canavan outlined the new measures. 

Under the plans, those attending funerals will also be expected to adhere to strict social distancing rules which dictate that a two-metre distance should be maintained between each attendee. 

The Irish Government is keen to ensure mourners are still able to pay their respects to close loved ones while adhering to the ongoing rules designed to protect the public from Covid-19. 

These rules will apply to all funerals, not just those involving coronavirus. 

Ms Canavan said: “I can confirm that immediate family members can still attend funeral services burials and cremations, provided the social distancing rules are respected. 


“This relates to all funerals, including those arising out of covert 19 deaths. 

“While we know this is difficult in general numbers attending should not exceed 10 persons in places of worship, and at the graveside. 

“But this may be restricted further in smaller and closed spaces. Individual churches may also put in place restrictions which respond to specific local circumstances.” 

Further guidance on holding funerals is set to be published by the Health and Safety Executive.