An Garda Síochána warn of bogus fundraisers this Christmas

An Garda Síochána warn of bogus fundraisers this Christmas

CHRISTMAS is a time for giving - and the Irish are more than known for their generosity.

It's well known that Irish people are kind, caring and generous in sharing what they have, however, there are people out there that are only too happy to take advantage of that.

Coming up to the festive season, we're all more partial to donate to those in need this Christmas but in doing so, one needs to keep their wits about them at the same time.

An Garda Síochána are reminding people of this as reports have emerged of bogus fundraisers in Co. Longford.

The Longford Gardaí force were tipped off about impostors calling to houses, alleging they were collecting money and people's card details for the Jack & Jill Foundation.


According to Longford Leader, these fake representatives were calling door to door in a bid to collect unsuspecting homeowners private details.

A Garda spokesman clarified that many charities don't call door to door and that people should be wary: "They (Jack and Jill Foundation) don't do street collections, they don't do house to house (calls) and they never ask for bank details...

"We would be advising people to be aware of this type of activity especially in the lead up to Christmas and to report it to us."