‘Utterly wrong’ – IFA condemns video of ‘Northern Ireland fans’ singing sectarian song

‘Utterly wrong’ – IFA condemns video of ‘Northern Ireland fans’ singing sectarian song

THE IRISH Football Association (IFA) has condemned a video circulated online showing a group of people in Northern Ireland football shirts singing a sectarian song.

In the 20-second clip, which surfaced on Twitter, a group of people can be heard singing “we hate Catholics” to the tune of the 1980s Tiffany hit “I Think We’re Alone Now”.

The footage is thought to have been filmed in a Belfast bar last Sunday, March 24th.

Northern Ireland beat Belarus in a crucial qualifier earlier that day, with the clip thought to have been filmed later that same evening.

"The Irish FA condemns sectarianism of any kind," a statement from the IFA read.

"The chanting in the video was wrong and if those involved can be identified, the association will work to ensure that they are prevented from getting tickets for Northern Ireland matches."

As many as 20 people can be seen in the video, though not all of the people filmed took part in the sectarian singing.

Some of those filmed singing the lyrics are wearing Northern Ireland shirts, while a TV appears to be showing the Scotland vs San Marino match in the background.

Alliance party leader Naomi Long also condemned the chanting, tweeting that she hopes the IFA and PSNI will " identify those involved and ensure they are banned from future games.”