Ireland is officially one of the most expensive places in Europe for alcohol

Ireland is officially one of the most expensive places in Europe for alcohol

IF YOU'VE ever woken up after a night out in Ireland, checked your bank account and thought 'How did I spend that much?!', here's your answer.

Alcohol in Ireland is 86.9%% more expensive than the European average, and the cost of a pint or a can is the fourth-most expensive in all of Europe, coming in behind only Norway, Iceland and Finland.

The statistics come form a new report by Eurostat, which examines prices in 37 countries: The 27 Member States of the EU, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ireland has a consumer price level of 180.7, a whopping 86.9% higher than the European average, and vastly more expensive than Europe's cheapest spot for alcohol, Romania, with a price level of 73.8.

As well as the high cost of alcohol, Ireland is officially the most expensive country in Europe when it comes to tobacco, far outpricing other countries, although Norway and the United Kingdom will also set smokers back a large amount of money.

The price of tobacco in Ireland regularly increases in almost every budget; in October last year, The Irish times reported that almost 80% of the price of cigarettes and tobacco in Ireland is from tax and excise duty alone.

Despite being home to some of the most expensive alcohol in Europe, the Government has introduced minimum pricing which would