How the Irish in Britain will vote in the EU referendum

How the Irish in Britain will vote in the EU referendum

WITH less than three weeks until the EU referendum The Irish Post went to the London Irish Centre in Camden to find out if and how the Irish in Britain plan to vote on June 23.

As both the in and outs step up their campaigns, today an online poll by ICM and YouGov put the leave camp slightly ahead.

Reuters reports that of 1,741 people polled between June 3-5, 48 per cent would vote to leave, up from 47 per cent a week earlier.

A total of 43 per cent said they would opt to stay - down 1 point from the week before.

Bookies Paddy Power, however, have odds of 2/5 in favour of remaining in the EU with 2/1 in favour of exiting - meaning they believe staying in the EU is the most likely scenario, though it's far from certain.

The economy, the reintroduction of borders in Northern Ireland and issues surrounding immigration have all be raised as part of the Brexit debate - with tomorrow, June 7, being the deadline to register to vote.

But what will matter most to the 600,000 Irish-born, and hundreds of thousands more second generation Irish in Britain, who are entitled to have their say?

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