Irish hotel to give away free wedding for frontline worker to recognise work during pandemic

Irish hotel to give away free wedding for frontline worker to recognise work during pandemic

A WELL-KNOWN Irish hotel has offered a free wedding to one lucky frontline worker to thank them for their work throughout the pandemic.

Staff at the Rathkeale House Hotel in County Limerick say they want to recognise the work done by frontline workers throughout the pandemic, to get the community together and to "give something back".

The generous package, worth €6,000, caters for 25 people and includes a drinks reception, canapes, meal and champagne, The Irish Examiner reports.

The idea, assistant manager Stephen O'Flaherty told the outlet, is to get the public involved by holding a vote as to who should win the free wedding; frontline workers can sign up themselves or people can nominate a loved one.

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Assistant manager Stephen and general manager Ann Madigan revealed they both have family members working in healthcare, and they are very much aware of the hard work being put in by front line workers to keep the country going during this difficult time.

"This is all about giving back to the community," Stephen said.

"These frontline workers are putting their lives on the line every day. Just imagine how bad things would be without them."

Ann said "it's nice to be able to give back", as "we have all seen the way the health service is under strain and how vital essential services are".

"The competition will be a bit of a pick-me-up."

The Rathkeale House Hotel, which reopened last February after undergoing a €1.2 million refurbishment, was forced to close after just a few weeks as the pandemic hit Irish shores.

They are now open only for frontline workers for essential reasons, such as those needing a safe place to self isolate.

If you or someone you know deserves the wedding of their dreams after working in an essential service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, keep an eye on the Rathkeale House Hotel Facebook page here.