Irish legend Chris de Burgh takes aim at Donald Trump in hilarious song

Irish legend Chris de Burgh takes aim at Donald Trump in hilarious song

Irish singer Chris de Burgh’s latest ballad is an all-American double whammy: inspired by Dolly Parton and written about the former POTUS, Donald Trump.

The musician, 72, who’s knack for amusing songs has been clear since Patricia the Stripper came out in 1975, has channelled his inner Dolly Patron to poke fun at the former commander in chief.  

Singing along to the tune of Dolly’s ‘Jolene’, Chris sang about his – and by now, everyone else’s – wish to jet off on a foreign holiday.

His daughter Rosanna Davidson shared the video of her father singing on Instagram, and asked: ‘Anyone else’s dad dress up as Dolly Parton on the internet today and wave a rubber chicken around?’.

‘We all want to get away and take a foreign holiday, all we need is a shot of you, vaccine,’ de Burgh began.

‘I see me lying on the beach, a fantasy that’s out of reach until I have a dose of you, vaccine.’

Chris’s Jolene rendition is bound to have given some listeners cause to chuckle when he calls out the ‘orange clown’ Donald Trump.

He went on to sing: ‘I think I saw a rubbish dump, standing there was Donald Trump shouting, “Hey! I don’t need no vaccine!”’

‘And Dr Fauci looking down, laughing at that orange clown drinking his hydroxychloroquine.’

The clip went down well among Rosanna’s followers.

One wrote: ‘Just what I needed, a good laugh.’

There was quite a reaction from Rosanna’s followers, with one writing: ‘Just what I needed, a good laugh.’

‘Brilliant, he’s still got it,’ another said as a third one commented: ‘Chris you’re a legend!’