Irish lottery winner to use winnings to look after parents and autistic brother back home

Irish lottery winner to use winnings to look after parents and autistic brother back home

AN IRISHMAN who won a whopping €10,000 a month for the next 30 years has revealed he plans on sending a lot of his winnings home to support his family.

Dean Weymes, from Dublin, pocketed a whopping €3.9million as part of the National Lottery’s ‘Set For Life’ jackpot prize.

Under the terms of the lottery competition, the 24-year-old will receive a monthly payment of £10,000 (€10,853) until he is 54-years-old.

An employee at Amazon transportation department Peterborough prior to his big-money win, Dean previously studied video and film at the Dundalk Institute of Technology and is now hoping to pursue his dream career as a scriptwriter.

He is also preparing to put down a deposit on a home of his very own.

In the meantime, Dean is planning on sending the bulk of his winnings back to Ireland to help support his parents and younger brother in Westmeath.

He explained to the Irish Mirror that his 23-year-old brother Robert is autistic and requires round-the-clock care from his parents Tom and Paula, who are 56 and 53 respectively.

At 6ft 3in, Robert can sometimes prove difficult for his parents to manage, particularly as his condition can occasionally cause him to display aggressive behaviour.

However, Dean’s life-changing lottery win will mean a better quality of life for both him and his family back home in Westmeath.

“I feel a responsibility to guarantee his [Robert’s] care for the future,” he explained Irish Mirror.

“I want him to have the best trained carers and I want my parents to have regular hours in the day where they can have a break.”

A truly heartwarming story, the Weymes family are set to celebrate Dean’s newfound wealth in style – with a trip to Disneyland Paris.