Irish plumber, and cousin of Joe Biden, promotes US presidential race with clever slogan

Irish plumber, and cousin of Joe Biden, promotes US presidential race with clever slogan

AN IRISH plumber, who happens to be a relative of US Presidential candidate Joe Biden, has come up with a brilliant way to help both his cousin's election chances and his own plumbing business.

Joe Blewitt from Knockmore, Co. Mayo, has written on his van the slogan: "Joe Biden for the White House, Joe Blewitt for your house".

He's also emblazoned his vehicle with a photograph of the former Vice President, who happens to be his third-cousin.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Mr Blewitt explained why he decided to give his van a little makeover.

"I was doing a job in Ballina one day, and I couldn't find parking. So I went around to this man, who used to do sign-writing for me before.

He said he spoke with the writer, Barry Williams, about getting some new work done on the van.

"He said, 'I have something for you, come into me now during the week'. And it was him who came up with the signage idea.

"I only got it done over the weekend and it has been mad. The phone hasn’t stopped hopping all morning. I can't get any of my bloody work done," he said.

The father of three explained how he and his American cousin had been to visit each other, and were now well equated.

"We were over in the White House, visiting him before he finished up (as vice president). When Obama gave Joe the Medal of Freedom. He brought us over for that,"Blewitt said.

"We met him previously when he was home in Ireland. He came to Ballina and joined us for a meal in a local restaurant. It was lovely. He came back then again, without all the security and that was nicer. We had a bit of time to sit and chat with him.

"He is a lovely fella, a down to earth man, a family man."

As you might expect, Mr Blewitt went on to encourage American voter to vote for his kin, stressing that he chose to design the van the way he did because he knows Biden is the best man for the job, and not simply as a publicity stunt.

"He's a good politician, he knows what he’s doing. He's not just starting up like some of them if you get what I am saying," the plumber said.

"I did for the craic more so than the business side. Business is booming so I don't really need the extra work. It's jam-packed at the moment, so I can't complain."