Irishwoman attempts to track down son's dad 12 years after Coppers fling

Irishwoman attempts to track down son's dad 12 years after Coppers fling

AN IRISHWOMAN is trying to track down the father of her son – 12 years on from his conception after a night out in Dublin’s infamous nightclub Copper Face Jacks.

The woman, who decided to remain anonymous, wrote to RTÉ’s Ryan Tubridy, who read out the appeal on his 2fm show.

In her letter, she describes “Seán from Armagh” to the best of her memory – hoping that she can help her son connect with his father for the first time.

Both were in Dublin for a GAA match and headed out the night before to get in some early celebrations. The pair met in Copper Face Jacks - more commonly known as Coppers - and after hitting it off, decided to take things back to a hotel, where the father was staying.

“I was in Dublin on Friday August 2, 2003 when Laois was playing Armagh on the Saturday,” the letter read.


“Myself and my friends went out on the Friday night and I met someone in Coppers.

“We got separated from our friends and went to what I think was the Bewley’s Hotel in Ballsbridge.”

The woman quickly discovered that she was pregnant and now has a “brilliant” 11-year-old son. However, she never spoke to the father of her child after the one night stand.

“I left the next morning for the match. I didn’t think anything of it. Yes, we had a one night stand and as a result I have a wonderful son,” she wrote.

“I think this guy’s name was Sean and he was from Armagh and he may have had an earring.”

Despite knowing her search may be fruitless, the woman decided that for the sake of her son she had to try to find his father. She also commended her current partner, who is an excellent stepfather to the child.

She is desperate to track him down – even if he wants nothing to do with his estranged son.


“I want nothing from him, he has his own life but I just wanted to let him know. We all do stupid things but I have no regrets,” she wrote.