'It used to be Surf or Daz': TD's rambling washing powder speech in the Dáil goes viral

'It used to be Surf or Daz': TD's rambling washing powder speech in the Dáil goes viral

A CLIP of a TD's speech in which he digresses into an aside about laundry and washing powder has gone viral.

Mattie McGrath, an Independent TD for Tipperary, was addressing the chamber on Thursday during a debate on a Bill to amend the Planning and Development Act.

The Bill seeks to change the current substitute consent procedures.

McGrath opened his speech by criticising the lack of time given to discuss amendments and that legislation is being rushed through.

He then turned his ire towards An Bord Pleanála, saying it was 'not fit for purpose' and the political influence in the system would become apparent when 'the dirty linen is washed'.

That led McGrath into his rapid, rambling aside about washing powder, complete with a smattering of Irish.

'Not up to speed with the capsules'

McGrath's speech in the video below may be a bit difficult to pick out for some, so here's the text based on the Dáil record of the debate, no doubt transcribed by someone with an impeccable ear.

"There is too much political influence, as Deputy [Brian] Leddin alluded to," said McGrath.

"It is not transparent. We will see this when all the dirty linen is washed.

"If the clothes were hanging out on the line on a good summer's day like today they would be fairly well stained.

"They would need the washing machine and Daz or whatever is used now. They have gone away from Daz.

"I am not saying that I am a bad homemaker and I do not do some washing but I am not up to speed with the capsules that go into the washing machine.

"It used to be Surf and Daz when I was a duine óg (young person). The Ceann Comhairle will also remember them.

"We have a lot of clearing up to do. The Bill is not fit for purpose."

For his part, Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl seemed rather bemused by the whole thing.


McGrath's unexpected but humorous aside has since gone viral on Twitter, with the 30-second clip having been viewed 1.5million times.

Virgin Media journalist Richard Chambers branded it 'superb' and comedian Justine Stafford likened it to her 'at 3am talking to the taxi driver on the way home'.

Meanwhile, author and journalist Seamus O'Reilly compared it to one of Grandpa Abe's rambling monologues in The Simpsons.

Here's some of the reaction to the clip featuring the 63-year-old Tipp man.