‘It was more of a nibble’ - Roy Keane defends Antonio Rudiger after bite on Paul Pogba

‘It was more of a nibble’ - Roy Keane defends Antonio Rudiger after bite on Paul Pogba

ROY KEANE appeared to play down an incident from France’s Euro 2020 clash with Germany in which one player appeared to bite another.

Cameras picked up the bizarre moment German defender Antonio Rudiger appeared to bite French opponent Paul Pogba during an off-the-ball altercation.

Pogba was later seen remonstrating with the match officials over the incident but no punishment was forthcoming for Rudiger.

Speaking on ITV during half-time, France World Cup winner Patrick Vieira expressed confusion at the apparent bite.

“I don’t know what he’s done there,” Vieira said.

“You’ve seen the Pogba reaction, it looks like a bite. I don’t fully understand what he was trying to do there.”

Keane, his old Manchester United rival, was less convinced though.

“I think it was more of a nibble wasn’t it than a bite,” he said.

“It wasn’t a proper bite, was it?" Keane continued. "But, a silly thing to do.”

Ian Wright was even less convinced.

“If he’s bitten him there he’s going to flinch, and he’s not flinched at all,” Wright said.

“I don’t know what’s happened there.”

Pogba ultimately had the last laugh on the pitch after playing a key role in the only goal of the game with a fine floated pass to Lucas Hernandez.

His cross was turned in for an own goal by Mats Hummels with France winning 1-0.

It is not yet clear whether Rudiger will face any retrospective punishment for his behaviour.

In 2014, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez was hit with a lengthy ban after he was caught on camera sinking his teeth into the back of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.