KFC trial vegan 'chicken nuggets' after success of Quorn-based Imposter Burger in UK

KFC trial vegan 'chicken nuggets' after success of Quorn-based Imposter Burger in UK

'KENTUCKY FRIED Chicken-like plant-based substance' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but as long as it tastes good who cares?

For the second time this summer, Kentucky Fried Chicken are trialling vegan products on their menu, and people are losing their minds.

Following the success of the ‘Imposter Burger’ which was trialled in a (very) select few stores in England in July, the fast-food giant has announced they will now be launching vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets at an Atlanta-based store in the United States to see how the item would fare on menus worldwide.

The nuggets and ‘wings’, which will be made in partnership with meat substitute company Beyond Meat, are presented as “a Kentucky fried miracle” and promises to be “still finger lickin’ good”.

Shares in the plant-based food company Beyond Meat rose by 4% with the announcement of the trial, and vegans and vegetarians across the world seem eager to try the new addition to the menu.

Some meat eaters are weirdly infuriated by the idea, as though it means they will be forced to eat the vegan version.  We can confirm that the regular chicken will still be on sale—this move simply allows KFC to make money from the ever-growing vegan movement.

As it stands, the only food items available to vegans on a regular Irish KFC menu is fries and baked beans, unless they request mashed potato or corn on the cob to come without any butter.

Still though, nobody tell Piers Morgan, who famously had a meltdown when Greggs launched their (delicious) vegan sausage rolls.