Lockdown Ireland: What are the 'reasonable excuses' to avoid Covid fines under new rules?

Lockdown Ireland: What are the 'reasonable excuses' to avoid Covid fines under new rules?

NEW regulations mean gardaí can dole out on-the-spot fines to those breaching Covid travel restrictions.

Anyone travelling further than 5km from their home needs to have a valid reason for doing so, and rule-breakers can expect swift action to be taken against them.

Violation of Level 5 safety regulations will result in a fixed penalty charge payable within 28 days.

It's understood that two people have been imprisoned for breaching the guidelines without good cause.

Some exceptions to the new rules have been outlined by the gardaí which mean you're exempt from the restrictions:



Those working in jobs that are considered essential services can travel to work, even if they're travelling more than 5km from their home.

This includes hospital workers, civil servants, and some teachers (most are now teaching remotely).

Medical appointments or collecting prescriptions

All medical related travel will be exempted from the new measures.

People should continue to look after all aspects of their health during the lockdown.

Attending disability day service


Day services for disabled people have been allowed to continue. Attendance is therefore not subject to the travel restrictions.

Vital family reasons

Those providing care to young children or elderly relatives can carry on doing so. 

Food shopping

Travel exceeding 5km either to, or back from, a supermarket to do food shopping is an acceptable excuse. This is primarily aimed at helping people in rural areas.

Farming purposes

Agricultural sector workers can continue to travel as far as is necessary to do their work.


Wedding or funeral attendance

Numbers have been significantly limited, but if invited, people may break travel restrictions to attend either.

Visiting a grave

People wishing to visit the graves of loved ones may do so no matter the distance.