Long queues form as barbers reopen with midnight launch

Long queues form as barbers reopen with midnight launch

IRELAND HAS just entered phase three of the reopening of the economy, and businesses are opening their doors to the public after almost four months of lockdown.

While most people were eagerly awaiting the day they could sit down for a meal and a few pints again, there was something else at the top of everyone's list: a haircut.

With Ireland's men walking around with either Justin Bieber-style mops or crooked DIY short-back-and-sides, there was huge excitement for the day barbers would reopen-- and some celebrated the reopening with a midnight launch.

The Grafton Barber chain welcomed back customers at one minute past midnight in a number of their stores, and despite the late hour, queues formed quickly, with men eager to get their DIY cuts fixed up.

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And Fairview...

Customers took advantage of the midnight opening in order to look fresh for their first meal out for the first since March.

The barbers allowed walk-in cuts and didn't require an appointment, and the first-come first-served special reopening lasted until 2am-- but judging by the size of the queues, some people may have been turned away.


Former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was also one of the first to get a trim-- although as far as we know he didn't attend a midnight opening-- and shared a photo on social media with the words "Faoi dheireadh/ At last!"

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