Man questioned by police over death of UK railway worker who was spat at

Man questioned by police over death of UK railway worker who was spat at

A MAN has been questioned by police in connection with an assault involving UK railway worker Belly Mujinga, who died from coronavirus last week after allegedly being spat. 

47-year-old Belly Mujinga, who was born in Democratic Republic of Congo but had lived in the UK since 2000, worked in the ticket office of Victoria Station in London. 

Both she and another female colleague were allegedly spat and coughed at by a man who claimed he had coronavirus. 

Within days of the assault, which took place on 22 March, both Ms Mujinga and her colleague became ill and subsequently tested positive for the virus. 

Ms Mujinga grew critically ill and was taken to Barnet Hospital for treatment where she was placed on a ventilator, but passed away on 5 April, leaving behind an 11-year-old daughter. 


British Transport Police has now confirmed that a 57-year-old man from London, has been identified in connection with the incident.  

No other suspects are being sought in connection with the attack. 

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Following a number of inquiries into an incident at London Victoria station on March 21, officers identified a 57-year-old man from London in connection. 

“He was interviewed under caution today at a London police station. Detectives will continue to collate evidence and investigate the circumstances behind the incident. 

“They are not looking to identify anyone further in relation to the incident.” 

Deliberately spitting on someone is a punishable offence by uK law and, in the most serious cases, carries with it a six-month prison sentence. 

The case of Ms Muijinga has sparked widespread anger with Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing the incident as “appalling”. 


“The fact that she was abused for doing her job is utterly appalling,” he said during Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday. 

Her death has also sparked renewed calls for transport workers to be given Personal Protective Equipment while on duty.