McDonald's boss 'appalled' after employee alleges she was taunted over rape by colleague

McDonald's boss 'appalled' after employee alleges she was taunted over rape by colleague

THE HEAD of fast-food chain McDonald's in Britain and Ireland has said he is appalled after an employee revealed she was taunted about being raped by a colleague.

Alistair Macrow, CEO of McDonald's UK and Ireland, said the company would investigate the claims.

The firm has come under scrutiny this week after a BBC investigation alleged dozens of employees had been subjected to abuse and bullying.

'horrendous and relentless abuse'

As reported by RTÉ, former McDonald's employee Ciara Mangan revealed she was taunted at work with rape songs and rape comments after an attack by a colleague.

Ms Mangan waived her right to anonymity as her attacker, Shane Noonan, was this week jailed for seven years after pleading guilty to rape.

The attack occurred at a house in Castlebar, Co. Mayo in 2013 after Ms Mangan, then 18, arrived at a party and was given a drink she later believed to have been spiked.

Speaking outside court following Noonan's sentencing, Ms Mangan said she was subjected to 'horrendous and relentless abuse' for 10 months after the attack.

"I wouldn't wish that re-victimisation on anyone," she added.

In a statement, Mr Macrow said: "I commend Ciara's bravery in speaking about her horrific experience.

"I am deeply appalled by these new allegations and commit to investigating them to our fullest extent through our investigation-handling unit."

'Unreserved apology'

Ms Noonan's comments came in the same week that the BBC revealed dozens of workers at the fast-food chain alleged they were subjected to sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying.

In response, Mr Macrow said McDonald's had 'fallen short' and revealed the company had launched a dedicated Investigation Handling Unit.

"The allegations I have heard this week are personally and professionally shocking," he said.

"I would like to reiterate my unreserved apology to, and empathy with, all those affected in any way, and I commend their bravery in coming forward.

"We have clearly fallen short in some critical areas, and I am determined to root out any behaviour or conduct that falls below the high standards of respect, safety and inclusion we demand of everyone at McDonald's as detailed in our global brand standards."