‘Until we meet again’ – Irish author who has battled cancer 10 times reveals she hasn’t long to live

‘Until we meet again’ – Irish author who has battled cancer 10 times reveals she hasn’t long to live

BESTSELLING Irish author Emma Hannigan, who has fought cancer 10 times, has revealed she hasn’t long to live after her medical team told her they can do no more for her.

The 45-year-old, who has penned over a dozen books, says she has been living on borrowed time but it “must be given back soon”.

The mother-of-two learnt she carried the BRCA1 ‘breast cancer’ gene in 2005.

She quickly made the decision to have both breasts and her ovaries removed to reduce her heightened risk of developing cancer.

However she was diagnosed as having cancer for the first time in 2007 and has since fought the disease 10 times.


Despite her brave battle, Hannigan revealed today via her blog that “all avenues have now been exhausted”.

'I am heartbroken'

She wrote: “All good things must come to an end

“The time that I knew was borrowed must be given back soon, so it seems.

“The conversation I never wanted to have has been said.

“My medical team have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this fight but all avenues have now been exhausted.

“To say that I am heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover it.”


Hannigan, from Bray, Co. Wicklow, expressed her heartbreak at having to say goodbye to her husband Cian and their teenage children, son Sacha and daughter Kim.

'Until we meet again'

“Nothing else has much meaning anymore. Just the love I feel for the people I hold dear,” she added.

“My two babies (ok they both tower over me, but I’m still allowed call them my babies) my husband, my parents, my family, my friends and readers. Yes you guys are up there on the short list.

“You’ve been an integral part of my existence and have championed me and held me in your virtual arms.

“The love in my heart is all that matters now. I am broken-hearted at having to say goodbye so if it’s alright we’ll say farewell instead.”

She concluded by saying: “Farewell and thank you, I am taking a bow.


“Until we meet again may all that is good and decent be yours.”