'Miracle' as Dublin mother who spent 17 days in coma with Covid-19 gives birth to healthy baby girl

'Miracle' as Dublin mother who spent 17 days in coma with Covid-19 gives birth to healthy baby girl

A DUBLIN woman who was critically ill with Covid-19 when she was pregnant has fully recovered and given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Laura Curtis, 29, contracted coronavirus in March, when she was 21 weeks pregnant with her daughter, and despite being fit and healthy with no underlying conditions, she quickly deteriorated and was rushed to Beaumont Hospital for treatment.

As reported by RTÉ News, Laura was hugely distressed when she learned that she was so ill she would need to be intubated and placed into a coma to give her body a chance to recover, and pleaded with the medical team to save her unborn baby-- something they couldn't promise.

As Laura was placed into a coma, teams from Beaumont and the Rotunda maternity hospital, working together, provided Laura's partner, Robbie, with daily updates and were able to send a recording of his daughter's strong heartbeat.

Baby Demi was born on 14 July, after mother Laura Curtis was placed into a coma for 17 days when she was 21 weeks pregnant (Stock image)

Awakening from 17 days in an induced coma, Laura says she was unable to believe her unborn child was still healthy, and had to hear the recording of the heartbeat sent to her partner before she allowed herself hope-- but the news gave her the strength she needed to fully recover, even through having to learn to walk and talk properly again.

Even after she was allowed home from hospital after five weeks, Laura told RTÉ that she was increasingly anxious for the rest of her pregnancy--but baby girl Demi was born healthy and happy last month, on 14 July.

Laura admits the pregnancy and her illness, as well as the restrictions that came along with it, were traumatic-- but baby Demi is "doing great" and "there's not a bother on her".

The young family of three are home, safe and sound, with Laura describing Demi as "a little miracle baby"-- and she can't wait to tell her the story of how she was born.

Laura also paid tribute to the medical teams at both the Beaumont and the Rotunda, who gave her "amazing care".

"They saved both of our lives."

The Rotunda Hospital shared Laura's story and offered their heartfelt congratulations to Laura, Robbie and Demi "after such a harrowing journey, and thank you for your bravery in telling your story.

"Well done to the Rotunda and Beaumont teams who were involved in the care of both mother and baby."

Beaumont Hospital Dublin also shared their congratulations, writing "Miracles do happen.

"Every good wish to Laura, Robbie & baby Demi from all the staff in Beaumont. Continued good luck with your recovery."