My son was a 'pure gentleman', says mother of Kevin Kelly, Irishman killed after altercation

My son was a 'pure gentleman', says mother of Kevin Kelly, Irishman killed after altercation

AN Irish mother, has described her son, Kevin Kelly, the 27-year-old Irish man who was killed after a night out, as a "pure gentleman."

Kevin Kelly died after being attacked by two men in the early hours of May 1 along Upper George Street, Luton.

Mr Kelly, from Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny, had been living in Luton for four years and had his own plastering business.

While a cause of death has not yet been established, Mr Kelly's mother, Katherine Barcoe, told The Irish Post how one of the men struck Kevin so hard that he died.

Ms Barcoe said: "We were told Kevin was walking down the street and there were two guys coming down behind him.

"One of them hit Kevin so violently into the neck that it stretched his head so far it tore all the arteries in his neck and stopped the blood and the oxygen going to his brain, and he fell dead on the ground."

"I just don't know why anyone would want to kill Kevin, he was a pure gentleman, a man's man. He'd go out and put his arms around the blokes.  He loved his friends."

A hard worker, Mr Kelly was born in London at St George's Hospital, Tooting, in 1988.

The family moved to Kilkenny when Mr Kelly was seven and he completed his schooling in Ireland.

He moved to Luton to set up his own business and had travelled in both Australia and California.

Mr Kelly leaves behind him his parents, two sisters, four brothers and his five-year old son, Gerrard.

Although based primarily in Luton, Mr Kelly used to make monthly trips home to Ireland to visit his young son, who has not yet been told of the news of his father's death.

A GoFundMe page has been set up online to raise money for Gerrard, which has already exceeded its target of £10,000.

Ms Barcoe said the family had been "very humbled" by the amount of money that had been raised.

Mr Kelly mother also explained that her son's organs have been donated to people who need them.

Ms Barcoe says it was difficult decision, but it's the one positive thing to come following her son's death.

"I would love to wish the people who got Kevin’s organs the very best of health.  I hope that they all have a happy life."

A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and released on bail pending further police enquiries.

The police are still appealing for information in particular relating to the other man who was at the scene.