Murderer who killed man with a champagne bottle jailed for life

Murderer who killed man with a champagne bottle jailed for life

A KILLER who used a champagne bottle to attack his victim has been given a life sentence for murder.

Dean Hughes, 47, who is currently serving time in prison, must serve at least 16 more years after being convicted of murdering Shane Maloney following a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Shane Maloney was attacked in 2019

The court heard that Mr Maloney, 31, was targeted by Hughes in an attack that happened at a property in Wigan Lane, Leigh, in November 2019.

Following an argument and scuffle between the men, Hughes used a magnum-sized champagne bottle to hit Mr Maloney over the head.

Dean Hughes has been sentenced for Shane Maloney's murder

When police officers arrived he was found unconscious outside in the garden, after being dragged and left there by Hughes, who was arrested at the scene on suspicion of assault.

In May 2020 Hughes pleaded guilty to that assault and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

However, Mr Maloney never fully recovered from his injuries, which included a severe brain injury which prevented independent living, and in March 2021 he died.

The cause of death was directly linked to the assault, which saw a murder charge brought against Hughes, who was found guilty this month.

The champagne bottle used in the attack

Detective Inspector Chris Preston from GMP’s Wigan district said: “This is a really sad and upsetting case that has had devastating consequences for those who knew and loved Shane.

“Hughes actions on that night have rightly been brought to justice and shows that his intentions on that night were cause to serious harm to Shane with no regard to those around him or what he did.”

He added: “Our investigation has always had the family of Shane at the heart of it and would like to pass on our condolences once again, as they sadly must come to terms with losing Shane in such distressing circumstances over a prolonged period of time, always hoping, praying and giving him the best quality of life, he could have despite the injuries he sustained at the time.

“As a force we remain committed on investigating and solving crime around serious assaults and despite the tragic story around this, hopefully sends a stark reminder to everyone that your actions can have far reaching consequences.”