Name of Baby Martha O'Neill added to Dublin bombing memorial

Name of Baby Martha O'Neill added to Dublin bombing memorial

THE NAME of a baby has been added to a memorial commemorating those who lost their lives in the 1974 Dublin Bombings, Dublin City Council has announced.

Edward John O’Neill was one of those killed in the bombing in Parnell Street on 17th May 1974, in which two of his sons were badly injured.

Edward O’Neill’s wife, Mrs Martha O’Neill, was six-months pregnant at the time. Three months later, and as a result of the trauma, Mrs O’Neill’s baby, Martha, was stillborn at full-term.

Baby Martha O’Neill was formally recognised as one of the victims of the bombing, being listed in the report of the Government’s Commission of Investigation into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974.

Although Edward O’Neill’s name was on the memorial in Talbot Street (at the junction with Amiens Street), Baby Martha O’Neil’s name has only now been added.

Reacting to the news, Martha’s brother Edward said:

“On behalf of my family I would like to acknowledge the tremendous assistance offered to the family by Dublin City Council in our endeavours to have this name inserted onto the monument.

"The last 48 years since the murder of our father and the injuries to myself and my brother have been traumatic for us. Now that this has been done our sister’s name can be seen by everyone and acknowledged. It has been an emotional experience that remains with us to this day.

"Martha would have been the baby of the family. She was cheated out of a life. We never saw her grow up, blossom, have a career, and have a family of her own. Our Dad will never be forgotten by us and now thankfully our sister’s identity will now be known by all citizens of this country and every single person who passes by the monument. Rest in Peace Dad, Rest in Peace Baby Martha.”

The addition of the baby’s name was requested by Mrs Martha O’Neill and her family and was considered by the Council’s Commemorations & Naming Committee, whose Chair, Cllr Mícheál Mac Donncha said:

“The Committee was unanimous in approving this request and I and my fellow councillors are pleased that Baby Martha’s name is now on the memorial”.