‘No words needed’ - James McClean shares images from hateful racist birthday card he received

‘No words needed’ - James McClean shares images from hateful racist birthday card he received

REPUBLIC OF Ireland international soccer star James McClean has shared images of the disturbing birthday card he received in the post.

The Stoke City midfielder has long been the target of abuse because of his conscious decision not to wear a Poppy on Remembrance Day.

McClean comes from the Bogside neighbourhood of Derry, where British soldiers opened fire on civilian protestors during 1972’s Bloody Sunday, killing 13 people.

As a result, he opposes the idea of wearing a symbol that supports the efforts of that same force.

Despite outlining his reasons in a clear and unprovocative manner, McClean has nevertheless found himself a regular target for vitriolic abuse.

While this often takes the form of unsavoury chants in stadiums across England, the midfielder has this week highlighted how some of this abuse has come a little closer to home.

Taking to Twitter, McClean shared images from a birthday card addressed to the footballer and sent to Stoke City’s training ground.

McClean turned 30 on November 22nd, but it was a day soured by the arrival of the card, which is full of hateful, anti-Irish sentiments.

Describing McClean as a "Fenian sub human bastard", the card reads "Happy Birthday and die on April 22".

It goes on to describe Bobby Sands as the 1981 "Slimmer of the Year" before stating "What this country needs is someone called Hitler. He would have sorted this I.R.A in a month."

"You don't like this country and we don't like you,” the card continues. “It's about time these gutless English managers stood up to you and tell you to get back to sh*thouse called Derry.

"So you are f**king Irish international, any body can play for f**king Ireland. They give caps out in cornflake packets and you have to drink that muck called Guinness that qualifys [sic] you.

"They should have put the Waffen SS in Ireland. They would have used scorched earth tactics not like British politicians licking IRA arses.

"The fucking Irish will do anything for poxy Ireland, except live in that shithole.

"The Irish are a race of inbred, subhuman parasites breed like maggots.

"Bloody Sunday. Blood Good laugh.

"13 nil to us. Ha ha ha ha.

"Should have been 13,000 of you sub human bastards."

McClean shared images of the birthday card online with the simple caption: “no words needed”.