Pope Francis urges believers to reject ‘god of money’ and focus on helping others

Pope Francis urges believers to reject ‘god of money’ and focus on helping others

THE POPE has called on the public to turn its back on “the god of money” and embrace a more selfless approach to life.

Speaking from St. Peter’s Basilica Monday to mark the Feast of the Epiphany, Pope Francis urged the congregation to focus on serving others rather than themselves.

The pontiff also urged his followers to rid themselves of “useless things and addictions” he believes numb hearts and confuse minds.

He instead urged the faithful to focus on aiding those suffering on the margins of society.

Francis added that “faith is not simply a set of fine doctrines,” but a call to love God.

The Pope’s remarks came as officials in Milan served a lunch at a hotel to 200 homeless people from across the city.


The lunch came as part of the Epiphany celebrations which conclude the Christmas season and celebrate the journey of the three wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus.

Pope Francis’s pleas come just a few days after the Pontiff was forced to apologise after he was caught on camera slapping the hand of a woman who turned out to see the leader of the Catholic church on New Year’s Day.

The Pope nearly lost his balance and fell when the female onlooker grabbed onto his hand and refused to let go even as he pulled away.

Francis scalded the woman over her behaviour before moving on to continue greeting well-wishers.

The incident, which was picked up on camera and subsequently went viral, was deemed serious enough for the Pope to issue a full apology.