Rangers fan rages after girlfriend has him tattooed… with Celtic crest

Rangers fan rages after girlfriend has him tattooed… with Celtic crest

A RANGERS fan was left raging after his girlfriend had him tattooed with the crest of his club’s arch rivals Celtic.

Brian Matthews of reality TV show Glow was appearing with girlfriend Victoria Obahor on MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us, which aired on Monday.

The show sees couples get tattooed, with each partner coming up with the other’s design before the results are revealed.

Unfortunately for Rangers-mad Matthews, he had previously cheated on Obahor and she used the opportunity to exact the ultimate revenge.

After removing his blindfold, nightclub owner and former Rangers youth coach Brian raged: “F*** no, man, no! Of all the f****** things, not this!”

Unmoved Obahor had no pity for her cheating partner, replying: “You broke my heart. You love football so much I thought I’d break yours too.”

Even host Joey Essex couldn’t believe the lengths Obahor had gone to, saying: “There’s revenge for cheating and then there’s this!”

Celtic fans obviously enjoyed seeing Matthews’ misery, and showed him even less mercy than Obahor.

Matthew may have had a hint of what was coming, as his choice of tattoo for Obahor was a stack of suitcases.

Asked to explain his design, he said: “When you get home I want you to pack your bags and leave, the relationship’s over.”

Matthews, 34, told the Scottish Sun he had tried to remove the tattoo with a pumice stone but was left with a bloody leg.

However he must keep the 15cm x 15cm tat until MTV bosses say he can remove it.