Second post-mortem to take place on body of young Northern Irishman who died in Ibiza

Second post-mortem to take place on body of young Northern Irishman who died in Ibiza

THE body of a young Antrim man who died while holidaying in Ibiza with friends is expected to arrive in Dublin today.

Alan Drennan, 21, from Newtownabbey died in his hotel room less than 24 hours after arriving on the Mediterranean island on July 18.

Speaking to The Irish Post the family’s solicitor Michael Madden said that a second post-mortem examination would be carried out on Mr Drennan’s body.

It is expected to take place tomorrow, July 29.

He added that the coroner in Dublin, Dr Brian Farrell, would also open an inquest into the death, after a preliminary report by the Spanish authorities raised questions into the circumstances leading up to Mr Drennan’s death.

It stated that there was no evidence of violence.

But Mr Drennan's friends who travelled with him to Ibiza, allege that Spanish police escorted him off the plane in handcuffs following an incident on board.

They also allege he was beaten by officers.

“Alan’s family are concerned that there has been conflicting statements by the Spanish Police and by Alan’s friends,” Mr Madden said.

“The Spanish police released a statement, but indicated that there was no violence against him.

"His friends say though, that they met Alan afterwards and he had injuries to his head and his elbows were bleeding.

“It’s been hard on the family, especially because there are conflicting reports.

"They can’t start the grieving process.”

Mr Drennan’s father, Alan Drennan Snr, said in a statement that their priority is to establish what happened to their son.

“What has happened to Alan and our family is every parent’s worst nightmare and we want to find answers not just for us but for everyone else’s child who goes abroad on holiday and particularly to Ibiza,” he said.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is working alongside Spanish Police in carrying out investigations into the events surrounding the tragedy.

Superintendent Kevin Geddes said: “Detectives from Serious Crime Branch are aware of the death of Alan Drennan in Ibiza and will be speaking with his family.

“We will gather any relevant evidence and speak to any potential witnesses to assist in the investigation being carried out by the Spanish police.”