Sinn Féin is Ireland's most popular party, new poll finds

Sinn Féin is Ireland's most popular party, new poll finds

SINN FÉIN is again the most popular political party in Ireland, a new poll has found.

Having narrowly won the popular vote in the 2020 Election-- but not running enough candidates to form a Government-- Mary Lou McDonald's party was overtaken by Fine Gael as Ireland's most popular party, according to regular polls and surveys taken of citizens.

Now a new poll from The Sunday Times has revealed that Sinn Féin are on top once again, having overtaken Fine Gael as Ireland's most popular party.

The Behaviour and Attitudes survey shows support for Fine Gael has plunged by four points to 27%, while support for Sinn Féin has risen two points to 32%.

Fianna Fáil have also enjoyed a rise in support, up 3 points from October's poll to 22%, though still behind both Fine Gael and Sinn Féin.

The Labour Party is Ireland's fourth-most-popular party, rising one point to 5%, followed by the Greens, who lost 2 points to sit at 3%.

Solidarity-People Before Profit are steady at 2%, with no change from the previous poll, and the Social Democrats have lost one point, polling at 1%.

Aontú have also lost support, currently polling at 0%, while support for Independent candidates is at 7%.

According to the report by The Sunday Times/ Behaviour & Attitudes Poll Series, the fact that Fine Gael and Sinn Féin continue to go head-to-head for the title of the country's most popular party "confirms the ongoing trend towards the electorate possibly facing a stark choice at the next general election, between a left-leaning administration led by Mary Lou Mcdonald as Taoiseach or a right of centre coalition, headed by Leo Varadkar".

The survey questioned 916 eligible Irish voters aged 18 and over across all constituencies in Ireland, and is deemed to be accurate to within plus or minus 3.3%.

You can read the report in full here.