Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald says a united Ireland is best hope for future of country

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald says a united Ireland is best hope for future of country

SINN FEIN leader Mary Lou McDonald believes a united Ireland offers the best chance at creating a better country for everyone. 

McDonald asserted her beliefs on the future of Ireland during a discussion with Joe Duffy on the The Meaning of Life, which is due to air on RTE tonight [via the Irish Sun]. 

The appearance saw the Sinn Fein leader quizzed on her party’s past and its links to the IRA. 

However, McDonald sought to move the conversation onto the present and future by outlining her vision for a united Ireland – something she believes offers the best chance at lasting peace and prosperity on the island. 

“I absolutely believe our best chance to finally finish the conflict, finish the ancient quarrel, our best chance at reconciliation, our best chance at economic prosperity is in a united Ireland," she told Duffy. 

Acknowledging that she, herself, did not grow up amid the Troubles of Northern Ireland, the Dubliner will argue it is her “ethical duty and my duty of compassion is to make sure that we don’t go back there”. 


“I hope our legacy will be a united ­Ireland and I would like my legacy to be that I did my part, that I played my part, contributed in my way to that," she said. 

“I’m mindful of the fact that Irish unity is not a Sinn Fein thing alone, this is our national project and I mean that as much for people living in Ballymena as Ballymun.” 

The Sinn Fein leader’s renewed call for a united Ireland come as both the Northern Ireland and the Republic continues to feel the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Politicians are also having to contend with the ongoing Brexit negotiations involving the UK.  

Negotiations that could yet impact the Good Friday Agreement and the peace that exists on the island of Ireland.