Thousands gather in US for ‘Green Beer Day’ and start of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations

Thousands gather in US for ‘Green Beer Day’ and start of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations

ST PATRICK’S Day came early for partygoers on Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill with the annual Green Beer Sunday celebrations.

The annual festivities attached to Ireland’s patron saint are a big deal to the people of New York State and a region of the US with strong Irish-American ties.

Thousands attended the annual party led by Peter Coleman, landlord of the local Irish pub, Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub, who poured the first pint of green-tinged Coors Light from a tanker outside of his beloved venue.

In doing so, he officially kicked off the St Patrick’s Day holiday season in Central New York had officially begun.

People gathered from as early as 11am on the streets of Syracuse to watch a special 10-minute parade put on as part of the festivities.

It proved a memorable affair, with Irish dancers and bagpipers following the parade’s two grand marshals David Hoyne and Chow Downey and Miss Green Beer 2020 Meghan Price Cass along Tompkins Street towards the Irish pub.

One of the most touching moments was provided by the pipers and drummers who gathered to play Amazing Grace in honour of all the first responders who lost their lives this year.

That was when the party well and truly began, with Coleman pouring the ceremonial first few pints of green beer to the appreciation of all in attendance.

People queued from miles around to get their hands on a plastic cup of the green stuff.

By 2pm, the line stretched some three blocks in total – further than the actual parade itself.

Despite temperatures soaring to 50 degrees, the Irish-American contingent was out in force, with the party taking over Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub and much of the surrounding area and car park.

With just over three weeks to go until St Patrick’s Day arrives, things are shaping up nicely stateside.